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BONK is a new ERC20 token and 1% of every transfer is bonked into the staking pool.

Staking BONK is free and when you unstake, 9% is bonked into the staking pool.

Staking BONK earns dividends from the tokens that are bonked into the staking pool.

Liquidity Lock Event

On July 19th, BONK officially became the first Uniswap token to livestream a liquidity lock. Locking the liquidity is extremely important for any investor because it ensures that they can relax, knowing that the pool creator cannot leave with all their funds anonymously. The idea was to set a new standard for the cryptocurrency space and to motivate other token creators to adopt a more communal approach.

2,570,000 BONK & 10 Ethereum were initially added to the liquidity pool. When this was done, Uniswap sent tokens in return; BONK simply sent these tokens to the burn address to ensure that nobody can pull the rug, ever.

The Founder

David Busch (Seal)