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BONK is proof of art & NFTs combined with a decentralized volume dependent staking protocol. BONK is a community cryptocurrency project focusing on creating NFTs.

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What is BONK?

Bonk is a decentralized erc20 token that was created on the Ethereum network & is a utility token that can be used to create NFTs. There is a 1% fee on all transfers & a 9% withdraw fee that is sent to the users who are staking so there is no guaranteed return, but those who are staking benefit by the more transactions on the network. BONK's vision for NFTs are to utilize them in a multifaceted way & you can create your own NFTs using BONK. This will come from professional artists being able to create commissioned pieces and the community being able to create their own designs & mint them into an NFT.

BONK is an ERC20 token and 1% of every transfer is bonked into the staking pool.

Staking BONK is free and when you unstake, 9% is bonked into the staking pool.

Staking BONK earns BONK from the tokens that are bonked into the staking pool.


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BONK X Silver Bonk

Original BONK NFT artwork. Design by cryptomemez


BONK NFTs in collaboration with YFL. NFTs with a balance of YFL tokens. Design by Sir Johnny of Gonzo

Frequently Asked Questions

  • BONK is a utility token cryptocurrency that can be used to create your own NFT art collectibles. Creating your own NFT only requires 1 BONK per NFT. BONK's aim is simple, we want users to have the best experience possible when they utilize the BONK platform.

  • BONK allows users to create their own digital art while staking their bonk as well. There is no guarenteed return on staking BONK as the tokens that are sent are provided from transactions using the cryptocurrency itself.

  • The liquidity was locked on Uniswap & there was no presale/ICO of the tokens. The project was launched with 89% of the tokens sent to a decentralized exchange where anyone can purchase if they wish to use BONK's utility. The other 11% was used for development & art related work. This locking was a response to all the other projects that were rugging during the time. You should always research before investing in anything.

  • BONK is developing a staking protocol (in the works) that will reward staking with NFTs, depending on how much BONK you are staking will determine the rarity of the NFT. We’re still in discussion with the ETHVerse team on how we want to mitigate the NFTs within the ETHVerse beta, but this is something that we wish to accomplish with them. This would ultimately provide a dual function for our NFTs. They would give staking perks along with in game functionality. BONK will also implement actual NFT staking, where you can stake the 1155’s & earn rewards in BONK Tokens as well.

    All in all, we want to experiment with the value of an image. A NFT is only as valuable as its context. What is the outcome of a NFT card that has been provided through a long period of staking & how would it’s value be represented in the ETHVerse platform? These are some of the questions that our team is trying to find an answer to.

BONK Helpers

Roy Blackstone, Lvl 4 of Hearts
Advisor, Investor, & CSGO Action Author

Keegan, Lvl 42
Community Advisor & Developer

Jay, Lvl 9000
Enigmatic Advisor

Andrei Mironovits, Lvl 2
Web Design, @ArkRide on Telegram

Sir Johnny of Gonzo, Lvl 69
Motion Graphics & Fortune Mouse Design

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